[Cmake] Autological Makefiles (+ VTK new build is *slow*)

Bill Hoffman bill . hoffman at kitware . com
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 13:40:53 -0400

There is a problem with the msdev stuff that we have seen.
After a while the .ncb and .opt files get inefficient and take 
longer and longer to load.  Have you tried removing them?


At 06:33 PM 6/4/2001 +0200, Sebastien BARRE wrote:
>At 04/06/2001 13:21, John Biddiscombe wrote:
>>Does the make abort itself, and re-execute with the new makefile automatically (even on windows?),
>Yes, but it is still experimental (to my opinion), I've experienced several problems, so most of the time I run the Cmake GUI manually when I update a CMakeList.txt
>Note that I launch the build from the command line :
>        msdev.exe VTK.dsw /MAKE "ALL_BUILD - Win32 Release"
>BTW: Bill, as I told you before, running msdev from the command-line (or emacs) takes a *lot* of time, because it computes all dependencies again and again. You told me that it would cache them, but indeed it does *not* (or maybe I'm just doing wrong ?).  If I run the build from the MSVC++ GUI, then a vtk.ncb (5.4 Mo) and vtk.opt (200 Ko) file are written to the disk. The .ncb file seems to hold a lot of filenames, looking like dependencies.
>        a) running msdev from the command-line (or emacs) again does *not* change anything : neither does it use nor update these .ncb or .opt files.
>        b) running the VTK build from the GUI itself  is slow *too*
>When I say slow, here is an example : if I modify only one source file (say, for example 'vtknew/Patented/vtkSynchronizedTemplate3D.cxx') and run msdev from the command-line :
>        - it spends 60 seconds (!) doing... nothing (except reading the project or computing dependencies maybe)
>        - then it spends around 12 s. to compile the .cxx, and link all libraries (which is normal).
>=> 72 s.
>same (or even longer) inside the GUI. I'm running an Athlon 800 Mhz, 300 RAM, Win2K SP2. Not a Pentium 120.
>I did the very same on the VTK old tree, using nmake from the command-line :
>=> 18 s. 4 times faster !
>Well, 60 seconds does not seem to be a long time, but believe me, using msdev from the command-line (or inside emacs) with this 'lag' looks really annoying on a daily-basis. Is it the same for you ?
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