[Cmake] [bug] wrong CMAKE_COMMAND (win32)

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre . nom . fr
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:00:33 +0200


First of all, I do apologize, I'm using Windows 98. I have to. I'm stuck 
with it until I get a new computer at my new job :)

Anyway, I still have some work and while trying to reinstall all my 
framework within Win98, I found the following problem, preventing me from 
compiling VTK :

In cmake.cxx :

// at the end of this CMAKE_ROOT and CMAKE_COMMAND should be added to the cache
void cmake::AddCMakePaths(const std::vector<std::string>& args)
   // Find our own executable.
   std::string cMakeSelf = args[0];

The CMAKE_COMMAND holds the path to cmake.exe. Could you please remember me 
why we need to convert to Unix Slashes ?

The problem is the following :

Once the above code has been run, here is my CMAKE_COMMAND (from the cache) :

//Path to CMake executable.

(indeed, among all other .exe found in my cache (TCL_TCLSH, TK_WISH, 
VTK_WRAP_TCL_EXE), CMAKE_COMMAND is the only one that was space-escaped).

Now it makes its way to the DSP files, for example :

"vtksbIOTCL.dsp" :  "$(SOURCE)" "$(INTDIR)" "$(OUTDIR)"
D:/users/barre/devel/these/c++/vtknew/IO/CMakeLists.txt -DSP 
-S"D:/users/barre/devel/these/c++/vtknew/IO" -O"E:/src/kitware/SB/build/IO" 

and msdev put that "custom build" step in a .bat file, which is run. But it 
fails, because cmake.exe can not be called like that.

In Windows 98, you can do that :

but you can't do that, it fails (at least at home) :

I guess we need to escapes spaces, but disabling the conversion to Unix 
slashes for this specific var would actually solve the problem. But I guess 
this has been done for good reason ?
Another problem is that this conversion to Unix slashes is done twice : the 
call to FindProgram use CollapseFullPath which itself use 
ConvertToUnixSlashes (why ?). Hence, we are in trouble.

For this specific case, what can we do ? Add a ConvertToWindowsSlashes and 
surround it with a #ifdef _WIN32 to convert the path back to Windows syntax ?

What do you think ?