[CDash] Deletion of uploaded files

Thomas Rhiem T.Rhiem at magmasoft.de
Tue Aug 9 15:29:26 UTC 2022


We have some problems submitting results to a CDash dashboard server. We assume, that it is caused by a bug in CDash.

The link to the bug tracker (https://public.kitware.com/Bug/) at the CDash FAQ page (https://www.paraview.org/Wiki/CDash:FAQ#I_found_a_bug,_what_should_I_do?) is broken (404).
It should be updated to the github page.

the environment:
We had 2 an older CDash  (CDash 3.0.x ) server running and a newer one (CDash v3.0.3) migrated from the older one.
Our build is splitted into several build and test stages. For each stage we upload the log-file(s)
with ctest_upload().
On the old server we sometimes got http error 500 errors, on the newer server we regularly (close to always) get this error for our central build dashboard (centralized nightly/daily build), while we see this type of failure in our developer dashboard (experimental) in rare cases. Most of the time the uploaded file is there (or even 4 times there, cause a retry count of  3 is used), but sometimes it is missing.
Exploring the logs, I found, that a file could not be removed: - - [09/Aug/2022:14:13:37 +0000] "PUT /submit.php?project=CentralBuild&FileName=avdi0de002.corpdir.zz___dev_MAIN_CI_LATEST_FASTLANE-22376%203.%20gen-install___20220808-2300-Nightly___XML___Upload.xml&build=dev_MAIN_CI_LATEST_FASTLANE-22376%203.%20gen-install&site=avdi0de002.corpdir.zz&stamp=20220808-2300-Nightly&MD5=7d9ccdd737a3e06618ad38236dc15bc0 HTTP/1.1" 500 2673 - - [09/Aug/2022:14:13:41 +0000] "GET /ajax/dailyupdatescurl.php?projectid=2 HTTP/1.1" 200 1065
[2022-08-09 16:13:41] development.INFO: Upload quota exceeded, removing old files {"function":"Project::CullUploadedFiles","project_id":"2","build_id":"67147"}
[2022-08-09 16:13:41] development.ERROR: unlink(/home/kitware/cdash/app/cdash/public/upload/ca8a9ec016d2c0d9f47117704b851de592a3a173/bin-install.log): No such file or directory {"exception":"[object] (ErrorException(code: 0): unlink(/home/kitware/cdash/app/cdash/public/upload/ca8a9ec016d2c0d9f47117704b851de592a3a173/bin-install.log): No such file or directory at /home/kitware/cdash/app/cdash/include/log.php:30)

Further exploring the logs,  I found that there are about 15 messages to delete this single file (namely /home/kitware/cdash/app/cdash/public/upload/ca8a9ec016d2c0d9f47117704b851de592a3a173/bin-install.log). I assume that the first try to remove the file is successful, so all further tries failed (cause the file is no longer there). But why should the same file be deleted so often? Also Note: cause of the RETRY_COUNT  value of 3 for the submit the log files are transferred 4 times and each file has the same SHA-1 value! (so is the same physical file on disk) (but this might only explain 4 tries at most).

We are interested in solving this issue with your help. Is there a possibility to get commercial support for CDash? If so, can you send us your support conditions and a quote.



Thomas Rhiem
Software Development

MAGMA Gie?ereitechnologie GmbH

P: +49 241 88901 236
Kackertstrasse 16-18, 52072 Aachen, Germany
T.Rhiem at magmasoft.de<mailto:T.Rhiem at magmasoft.de>



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