[CDash] Build groups email preferences not remaining filled

Vasquez, Justin justin_vasquez at brown.edu
Thu Aug 16 21:04:22 UTC 2018


I'm using CDash 2.4.0 to test my builds nightly. On my CDash web page, if I
go to my project and navigate to Settings -> Groups -> Current BuildGroups,
there are three tabs for Nightly, Continuous, and Experimental builds. When
I click any of the email preferences (normal, summary, or no email) and
save the changes, the buttons do not remain filled in when I refresh the
page. This does not occur for the other button types which are check boxes
nor for the text entry boxes. I queried the mysql database and can confirm
that the email preferences are being set correctly. I would like the option
to see what the current value of the email settings is just as I can see
whether or not if "email committers" is checked off. Is there a way to edit
the .php files to allow the email preferences buttons to remain filled?
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