[CDash] Reducing upload size

Ibanez, Daniel Alejandro daibane at sandia.gov
Fri May 19 17:35:16 UTC 2017


We operate the following site:


It seems that we’re exceeding the upload quota.
I’m also told that the paid subscription plans are going away or gone.
So the first question is:

In the long-term is it a good idea for us to plan on hosting our own CDash instance? Will my.cdash.org be around much longer?

We control the whole process using the scripting feature of CTest and a fairly elaborate set of scripts, for example see this important file:


Ideally, we would like to reduce the amount of information uploaded. My guess is the vast majority of the data is in test output. I know there is a way to stop CTest from printing test output to the console unless the test actually fails, is there an equivalent option that affects the uploaded XML file?


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