[CDash] CDash 2.0.2/PostgreSQL from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.04

Francois Bertel fbopensource at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 15:01:16 UTC 2016


I had CDash 2.0.2 successfully working on Ubuntu 15.10, using a PostgreSQL

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and now when I go to my main CDash page
(http://<myhostname>.local/CDash/), the output looks like some code that
was not executed and passed directly to the client instead:

the title of the page is ".$CDASH_MAININDEX_TITLE."

the page itself starts with:

'; $xml .= add_XML_value("title","CDash"); $xml .= "".$CDASH_CSS_FILE."";
$xml .= "".$CDASH_VERSION.""; $Banner = new Banner;
$Banner->SetProjectId(0); $text = $Banner->GetText(); if($text !== false) {
$xml .= ""; $xml .= add_XML_value("text",$text); $xml .= ""; } $xml .=
"".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].""; $xml .= "".date("r").""; // Check if the
database is up to date if(!pdo_query("SELECT updateid FROM build2update
LIMIT 1") ) { $xml .= "1"; } $xml .= "

Do you know what could cause this behavior?

At this point, should I just try to switch to a more recent version of
CDash, or will the effort result in the same type of error?

The following link seems to suggest that php7 is now the default on Ubuntu
16.04. Is the most recent version of CDash using php7 instead of php5?

The remaining part of this message is about the different steps I tried so
far to put CDash back in a working state:

One thing I noticed is that Ubuntu 16.04 does not have the php5-dev package
available anymore. However this package seems required when using the
database (is the CDash wiki documentation up-to-date?).
ref: http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/CDash:Installation#PostgreSQL_Database

When I try to install the package php5-dev, the system does not find it but
it recommends to install php5-json instead:

$ apt-get install php5-dev
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Package php5-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
However the following packages replace it:

E: Package 'php5-dev' has no installation candidate

php5-json is already installed and provides the following files:
$ dpkg-query -L php5-json

If I try this other command line from the CDash/PostgreSQL section above,
it fails too:

$ sudo pecl install pdo

The result is:
WARNING: "pecl/PDO" is deprecated in favor of "channel://
downloading PDO-1.0.3.tgz ...
Starting to download PDO-1.0.3.tgz (52,613 bytes)
.............done: 52,613 bytes
12 source files, building
running: phpize
sh: 1: phpize: not found
ERROR: `phpize' failed

Note that phpize is part of the missing package php5-dev.

The last piece of information I can provide  is the list of currently
installed packages on my server with the php keyword in it:

$  dpkg --get-selections | grep php
libapache2-mod-php5                deinstall
php-cli                        install
php-common                    install
php-pear                    install
php-xml                        install
php5-cli                    deinstall
php5-common                    deinstall
php5-curl                    deinstall
php5-gd                        deinstall
php5-json                    deinstall
php5-pgsql                    deinstall
php5-readline                    deinstall
php5-xsl                    deinstall
php7.0-cli                    install
php7.0-common                    install
php7.0-json                    install
php7.0-opcache                    install
php7.0-readline                    install
php7.0-xml                    install

Thanks in advance for your help

François Bertel
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