[Cdash] GitHub Branch not showing up correctly

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Wed Jan 14 14:28:47 UTC 2015

I am running a nightly CDash for our project (http://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=DREAM3D&date=) and when one drills down into a particular build and looks at the warnings or errors all the weblinks point to the "master" branch. But this is not the branch that we are working from. 

For example, http://my.cdash.org/viewBuildError.php?type=1&onlydeltap&buildid=713051

We use a shell script to invoke CTest. This is the top part of the file:

set(dashboard_git_url "git://github.com/dream3d/DREAM3D.git")
set(branch_needs_data_repo true)
#set(dashboard_git_data_url "git://github.com/dream3d/DREAM3D_Data.git")
#set(dashboard_git_large_data_url "http://dream3d.bluequartz.net/binaries/data/DREAM3D_Data.tar.gz")
set(dashboard_source_name "DREAM3D")
set(dashboard_git_branch "develop")
set(dashboard_model "Experimental")

Thanks for any help with this. We use CMake 3.1.0 for the builds.

Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software.

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