[Cdash] Upload to CDash fails for huge tests amount

Matějů Miroslav, Ing. Mateju.Miroslav at azd.cz
Thu May 15 07:16:13 UTC 2014

Hello there,

I've got a problem with the upload from CTest to CDash. I have many test suites (considered as named builds for CDash), each of them with several tests. The update info is not transferred to CDash for some test suites with a huge amount of tests. To give you an idea what "huge amount" means: There is currently being a transfer to new hardware for both the CTest and CDash machines. For the older HW, it means more than 1000, and about 10000 for the newer one.

Some useful info can be found in LastSubmit_*.log on the CTest machine (I shortened it where I put "< >" marks):

Upload files:
0       Build.xml
1       Configure.xml
2       Coverage.xml
3       CoverageLog-0.xml
4       DynamicAnalysis.xml
5       Notes.xml
6       Test.xml
7       Update.xml
Using drop method: http
        Upload file: <0 to 5>
        Upload file: /<mypath>/Testing/20140514-0000/Test.xml to <machine>___<build>___20140514-0000-Nightly___XML___Test.xml
   Error when uploading file: /<mypath>/Testing/20140514-0000/Test.xml
   Error message was: Operation too slow. Less than 1 bytes/sec transferred the last 120 seconds
   Problems when submitting via HTTP

Although CTest complains about sending Test.xml, it seems to be transferred completely. The tests (including the last ones) present in this file are shown correctly in CDash as well as configure, build, coverage etc. However, it does not seem to even try to upload Update.xml and there is no update info shown in CDash accordingly.

I tried to enable repeated sending to CDash using
in the CTest script. The only result was an overloaded CDash server and even more upload errors.

Could you give me any hints what can I do to correct this issue? Or is it a bug which has to be corrected in the CDash itself? I'm running CTest 2.8.7 and sending results to CDash 2.0.2.

Thanks in advance!

Miroslav Matějů
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