[Cdash] Project Graphics Viewer

David Cole dlrdave at aol.com
Thu Aug 28 10:45:40 UTC 2014

> Feel free to use & improve it :).


A filters extension! Love it!


(1) Your use of "!important" in the css file led me to this:


Is it really necessary here? (i.e. -- why should a sub-style not be
able to override the background property?)

(2) I see you've eliminated the limit clause for this page, and instead 
have a start and end date entry field... which made me think this code 
must not use SQL comparisons for the other fields because of the way 
these are used in javascript/cdashTestGraph.js ...

Do the strings for test name, measurement name and site name have to be 
exact matches? If so, then the combo boxes in the filters are not being 
used as intended to construct SQL queries, and will mislead the user 
into thinking they can do "contains" tests.

(3) Minor layout comment:

All the "tr" elements in this table have class treven or trodd... The 
new one you added should account for that, to keep the "zebra stripe" 
effect going.

This looks like a good start, but I think it needs a little work before 
it can go into CDash.

Thanks for the contribution,
David C.

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