[Cdash] Multiple calls to ctest_test

Pat Marion james.patrick.marion at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 16:15:58 UTC 2013


I'm running a dashboard on a project that uses cmake in a non-traditional
way.  It's a collection of projects, each subdir is a standalone project
with its own CMakeLists.txt.

There is a top level Makefile to glue it together.  The Makefile enters
each subdir and does a cmake configure then a make.  Each subdir has its
own list of tests.  You can run "make test" at the top level, which invokes
ctest in each subdir.  So, my dashboard script looks like:


# this project doesn't have a traditional configure step, so skip configure
# ctest_configure()

# CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND is defined to invoke the top level Makefile

ctest_test(BUILD top/subdir1)
ctest_test(BUILD top/subdir2)


I'm using cmake 2.8.7 on Ubuntu 12.04, and CDash 2.0.2.  I've tried
experimenting with APPEND, and doing a ctest_submit(PARTS Test) after each
call to ctest_test.  The result always seems to be that the last test
results overwrite the previous when viewing the report on cdash.

If anyone has some advice for what to try or how to debug, please let me
know!  In the meantime, I might try putting together a simple example
project to demonstrate my issue.  Thanks!

I know CDash has subproject support, but I'd like to treat this as a single
project so that all the test results are reported in the same row.

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