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Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Fri Oct 4 16:35:58 UTC 2013

Good day.

First of all, is it a known issue that when client script
is run, it prints following error messages:

 CMake Error: Cannot open file for
 write: /Testing/Temporary/LastSubmit.log.tmp CMake Error: : System
 Error: Permission denied Problem opening
 file: /Testing/Temporary/LastSubmit.log Cannot create log file:

I'm pretty confident that these messages are printed even with
sample scripts copied from the wiki. Is it a known issue? How do
I fix it?

Also the sample client script is not totally correct. For example,
when $CDASH_MANAGE_CLIENTS is set to '0' in cdash/config.php, CDash
returns the following message to client when it tries to submit site

   <cdash version="2.1.0">
     <message>Not a valid project.</message>

But in the sample client script error checking looks as:

...so client script loops forever throwing errors.

described in the wiki are not handled in the sample script.
I assume ALLOWED_PROJECTS is redundant and superseded by
<allowedproject>Project</allowedproject> in xml configs, so
it could be dropped from the wiki. But the CLIENT_TIME_LIMIT
is definitely useful variable, so I think this should be fixed.
You can find the fixed version in attachments.

-- Igor
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