[Cdash] Registered users and Perforce

Pedro Navarro pnavarro at netflix.com
Mon Nov 4 21:33:09 UTC 2013


When CDash gathers the list of updates from Perforce the users are returned
as author="Full Name", email="user at company.com". The problem is that on the
Manage Users page we get lots of messages like:

"Pedro Navarro is not registerd for this project but has been submitting in
the past month".

The issue is that in manageProjectRoles.php page, the sql query to get
unregistered users has:

...LEFT JOIN user2repository ON
(dailyupdatefile.author=user2repository.credential ...

It's matching the author of the commit with the repository credentials! In
this case dailyupdatefile.author="Pedro Navarro" and
user2repository.credential="pnavarro at netflix.com". If I add "Pedro Navarro"
as a repository credential everything works fine but this doesn't seem
right and leads me to the following questions:

- Is Perforce the only VCS that's returning full user names? Should we not
do that?
- Wouldn't it be better to match dailyupdatefile.email with
user2repository.credential? After all the user's E-Mail is always added as
a credential by default.

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