[Cdash] Can we update CDash's embedded simpletest?

David Cole dlrdave at aol.com
Thu Jan 31 23:36:03 UTC 2013

SimpleTest 1.1.0 has been available since 23/01/2012, more than a year now. (see http://www.simpletest.org/)

I recently installed XAMPP 1.8.1 on a Windows box, which includes apache 2.4.3, php 5.4.7 and MySQL 5.5.27.

The only problem I had trying to run a dashboard for CDash on it was a slew/ton of php warnings and errors related to the older simpletest that is embedded in the CDash/tests/kwtest/simpletest directory.

When I updated it to the above SimpleTest 1.1.0 (I just downloaded it and copied on top of the CDash simpletest directory), and then fixed a couple of things that had changed (the attached patch), I had a reasonably good dashboard result:


Would it be ok to update the embedded simpletest directory in CDash and apply the attached patch so that I can run a dashboard on this platform?


P.S. -- (the attachment is only 1K large... if it doesn't come through to the list, let me know, and I can reply again and just copy/paste it inline)

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