[Cdash] Send NUnit XML file y http put request does not work

Vincent Daanen vincent.daanen at minmaxmedical.com
Thu Feb 21 13:20:33 UTC 2013



We are using CDash version 2.0.2

I saw NUnit XML support is supported from version 2.2 in the FAQ or WIKI but as I could not find a release of version 2.2, I thought it was a typo and NUnit XML files were supported in V2.0.2




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I'm pretty sure NUnit XML support is a very recent addition to the code, only available in 'svn trunk' : is that the version of CDash you're using, or are you snapped to an official release? 




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I want to send a XML NUnit test report to a CDash server via http PUT request.

I’m using curl to send the http put request

“C:\ Tools\cURL-7.28.1>curl --upload-file  report_nunit.xm" http://cdashserver/submit.php?project=Test+MMM”


The answer of the server is “no handler found”


Do we forget to install/activate a function or did I miss something to get this?





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