[Cdash] Unidentified flying tables

Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Fri Aug 2 19:09:13 UTC 2013

Hi, list.

I saw errors related to "test2" and "test2image2" tables in my postgresql
logs, so i looked into my DB and indeed there are no such tables in
my DB, but there are "test" and "test2image". First i thought that it's
must be a typo in upgrade.php, but the code looks like:

 $oldtest = pdo_query("SELECT * from test ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT $j,$step");

 /* process data from table "test" */

 $test = pdo_query("SELECT id FROM test2 WHERE name='$name' ...

 /* process data from "test2" */

Then i did

 $ grep -riwn 'test2\|test2image2' .

and not found any 'CREATE TABLE test2' or something that could create
these tables. So i wonder what these tables are? Am i missing something?

-- Igor

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