[Cdash] CDash @Home with multiple compilers on a client

Chuck Atkins chuck.atkins at kitware.com
Wed May 9 16:16:58 UTC 2012

I'm trying to set up several repos to build via CDash @Home and I'm having
trouble getting the clients to work properly with multiple compilers.  For
example:  I have a mac that I'd like to use to build with both gcc and
clang.  So I have the following in the site xml:

    <generator>Unix Makefiles</generator>

    <generator>Unix Makefiles</generator>

And in the build scheduler interface on CDash, I can see the 1 site with
both compilers as an option.  But when I select gcc to schedule a build,
the client seems to get confused.  It ends up using /usr/bin/gcc for the C
compiler but /usr/bin/c++ (clang) for the c++ compiler instead of

So my 2 (unrelated) questions are:
1.  How can I make sure the right commands get executed for different
compilers on the same client site?
2.  Entirely unrelated, what are the <include> and <path> tags used for in
the <library> tags?

I also think I may have found an unrelated bug:
If I have a "/" character in my CTEST_BUILD_NAME, then CDash doesn't seem
to interpret the submission properly and creates two entries.  This comes
up because I set the CTEST_BUILD_NAME to include the git branch name and my
git branches usually have "/" characters in them (we effectively use it as
a name space)

- Chuck
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