[Cdash] [EXTERNAL] Color blind CDash users?

David Thompson dcthomp at sandia.gov
Fri Jun 22 21:48:51 UTC 2012

Hi all,

> I received some interesting feedback the other day on CDash from a  
> user who is color blind.
> He noted that ... colored keys in CDash... are not useful to him...
> Does anybody listening here have similar feedback, or concerns?  
> Suggestions for exact values for color that we could use instead of  
> the existing ones?

I suggest heading to colorbrewer2.org and clicking on the "colorblind  
safe" button to find palettes that would work well for folks who are  
colorblind. Having a few alternative palettes to choose from would be  
nice; it doesn't seem like switching between a few different CSS files  
would be too difficult.

	My 2¢,

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