[Cdash] Multiple dynamic analysis submissions

Simon Pomarède - TMA Uranie uranietm at cea.fr
Fri Jun 22 09:37:29 UTC 2012

Dear all,

My project is divided into several subprojects. For the unit tests and 
coverage tests, I can split the process in order to get one submission 
for each subproject. For example, I use:

ctest_test(BUILD ${module}/souRCE/teST APPEND)

ctest_submit(PARTS Test)

These instructions lead in the creation of one test per submission (ie 
per module).

But the problem comes from the dynamic analysis submission. I try and 
use the same process:

ctest_memcheck(BUILD ${module}/souRCE/teST APPEND)

ctest_submit(PARTS MemCheck)

But I only get the last submission in my dashboard, and the previous 
ones are totally omitted.

Is there a solution for me to send the different parts of the dynamic 
analysis and get all of them in my dashboard?

Thank you in advance,

Simon Pomarède

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