[Cdash] Uploading Test.xml with backslashes

Simon Pomarède - TMA Uranie uranietm at cea.fr
Mon Jun 4 13:39:34 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I'm confronted to a behavior I don't find any similar on the Internet. 
Here it is:
I'm working on a development project that uses CMake, CTest and CDash on 
multiple platforms
(several Unix systems and a Windows one). Everything works fine in the 
Linux world, and the Kitware tools
really make things easy. But on Windows, I can't use CDash as I would 
like: the entry is created in the
dashboard, but there is no content posted.
When I use my CTest script, everything seems to work but the submission 
part ("ctest_submit"
function). In the log, I got the following output :
Error parsing XML in stream at line 6: junk after document element
 Server Response:


ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bytea
LINE 2: ...\ura at nie
 ^SQL error
 in Cannot insert test: UranieDataServer into the database():ERROR: 
invalid inp
ut syntax for type bytea
LINE 2: ...\ura at nie
: invalid input syntax for type bytea

In order to locate the problem, I looked at the "Test.xml", and found 
that the paths are in
Windows format, ie with backslashes. So I tried to replace backslashes 
with slashes and submit the same
report again: it works fine!
So my conclusion is that the "Windows-formed" paths are incompatible 
with one of the tools
called at submission (one of PHP, PgSQL or CDash).

Has anyone ever been confronted to such an issue? Am I doing anything 
wrong? Does anyone know a way to solve
my issue, or to get around it?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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