[Cdash] automatic subprojects configuration not working correctly

Marco Clemencic marco.clemencic at cern.ch
Wed Dec 12 15:58:44 UTC 2012


in a big effort to move our build system to CMake, I'm planning to use CDash to 
display the results of our nightly builds.

Our software system is made of several inter-related projects, each of them 
going to be a CMake project.

In the nightly builds we need to build and test several configurations and 
several combinations of the projects.

It seems that the best approach to reproduce the structure we have at the 
moment is to use one 'CDash Project' for each 'combination' and 'CDash 
subprojects' for the various projects.

I managed to produce the right set of configuration and CTest scripts to 
achieve my goal, but I think that there is a problem in the way CDash handles 
a dynamic list of subprojects.
According to the documentation (book and 
<http://www.kitware.com/media/html/CDashSubprojects.html>, in the section 
"Adding Subprojects Automatically") I understand that "[CDash] will also 
remove any subprojects or dependencies not defined in the Project.xml file".
I tried, but I ended up with the union of the two sets of subprojects 
displayed in the dashboard.
Moreover, it is claimed that "If you view dashboards from a past date, CDash 
will present the project/subproject views according to the subproject 
definitions in effect as of that date", but I always see the same list (union) 
for all the days. Then, if I remove by hand the old subprojects, they 
disappear from all the days.

Did anybody else experienced the issue? (I could not find anything about that 
on Mantis)


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