[Cdash] CDash 1.8.2 -- warning xml handlers

Paul Irofti paul at irofti.net
Fri Nov 4 11:55:37 UTC 2011


I installed CDash 1.8.2, configured a project and modified my cmake
files accordingly.

All seems to be running fine except that warnings are not visible in the
build report on the server. The build.xml file that's sent has all the
information about the warnings and looks like its properly generated. (I
can upload the file somewhere if anyone's interested).

Now on the server side everything else seems to be parsed and displayed
properly except the warnings (tests, build times, build types etc.).
Another weird issue is that it does not write a log file (or I can't
locate it).

I looked at the xml_handlers in trunk and diffed them against 1.8.2 and
can't seem to find any related diferences. I also added more logging to
parsing, specially in the WARNING cases but, as I said earlier, I don't
see the log file although, according to the config files, its supposed
to be in the backup directory.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is there some painfully obvious
setup issue that I missed?

I can provide more details or files/logs if requested.

Thank you,

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