[Cdash] CDash questions

Tim Gallagher tim.gallagher at gatech.edu
Tue Mar 8 01:49:05 UTC 2011


I'm really new to CDash (like a few days really), and I have it mostly set up. But there are some things that don't seem to be working, so I thought I'd see if I missed something.

First, when I run the Nightly test, it correctly updates the code and the LogUpdate shows the list of changed files. But when it gets uploaded to CDash, there are no details of the files changed. Everything is green, but it doesn't show the list of the files. We're using git.

Second, when I run the coverage test, it shows the number of lines covered and the percentage, but again it doesn't show anything about the individual files covered. It gives 0 of 0 files.

Third, I saw some presentations online by the KDE folks where they show CDash doing image difference testing. But I haven't seen how to make this happen, and I've only seen the same example in two presentations by the same person. Does anybody know how that works?



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