[Cdash] Weird problem with uploading project logo

Marcel Loose loose at astron.nl
Fri Jul 8 13:05:14 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a very weird problem with a project logo.
I have two (almost) identical machines -- one production, one test --
both running SuSE Linux Enterprise 11. Both are using CDash 1.8.2.

On the test machine I can successfully upload a project logo, which then
also displays on the CMake top-level banner and on the project
configuration page. 

On the production machine uploading fails. To be more precisely,
uploading itself seems to succeed, but the image in the database is
corrupt. To make things even weirder, the checksum for the image is
identical on both test and production machine. 

Does anyone have a clue on where to look for this strange behavior?

Best regards,
Marcel Loose.

Marcel Loose
Senior Software Engineer, Computing Group R&D, Astron, the Netherlands

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