[Cdash] CTEST_NIGHTLY_START_TIME and daylight savings

Tyler Roscoe tyler at cryptio.net
Tue Nov 9 23:07:04 UTC 2010

Information about our time zone, PDT or PST depending on time of year,
is baked into CDash and friends in various places. The CTest script that
drives the builds:

[tylermr at tpb006:~/ng/common/trunk/build/bin/kitt]$ grep PDT *

In the CMake workflow:

[tylermr at tpb006:~/ng/common/trunk/build/util]$ grep PDT *
SetupTestOptions.cmake:set (CTEST_NIGHTLY_START_TIME "00:01:00 PDT")

As well as in the config for the dashboards themselves: See your CDash
dashboard -> Administration -> Project -> Testing tab.

Maybe I'm just dense but what am I supposed to do here so that Nightly
builds are configured to start at the right time all year long without
manually flipping these bits back and forth every six months?

falling back,

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