[Cdash] ctest_empty_binary_directory()

Larry Procter larry at transpireinc.com
Mon Jun 21 20:16:20 UTC 2010

Actually, I just tried this and received an error message: "file does
not recognize sub-command REMOVE_RECURSE"

Have you actually tried this yourself.

On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 12:46 -0700, Chris Hillery wrote:
> CTEST_EMPTY_BINARY_DIRECTORY is intended to clear out the entire build
> directory prior to a build. I'm not sure what tests it does to be sure
> nothing bad happens, but they probably are the reason that it's not
> deleting an arbitrary directory for you.
> If you just want to delete a directory and its contents, use FILE
> (REMOVE_RECURSE) (which works in cmake or ctest).
> Ceej
> aka Chris Hillery
> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Larry Procter
> <larry at transpireinc.com> wrote:
>         Hello,
>         I have tried utilizing the "ctest_empty_binary_directory()"
>         command in a
>         script that I run via "CTest -S" on Windows XP Pro 64-bit and
>         I can't
>         seem to remove a directory, much less clean out any files
>         contained
>         therein. The current documentation is:
>                ctest_empty_binary_directory: empties the binary
>         directory
>                  ctest_empty_binary_directory( directory )
>                Removes a binary directory. This command will perform
>         some
>                checks prior to deleting the directory in an attempt to
>         avoid
>                malicious or accidental directory deletion.
>         I have tried providing specific directory names as well as the
>         ${CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY}.  I guess I just don't "get" any of
>         the
>         CMake/CTest/CDash documentation because when I read this, it
>         implies
>         that one may specify a directory for the "directory"
>         parameter.
>         Before anyone asks, the script is being run as an
>         administrator on a
>         directory owned by the administrator as well as the fact that
>         all the
>         CMake/Ctest code runs as the administrator.
>         Any help would be appreciated,
>         Larry
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