[Cdash] Confusion with BuildIds: one submission produces multiple Ids

Nathaniel Waisbrot (Cont ARL/CISD) nathaniel.waisbrot at arl.army.mil
Thu Oct 1 16:02:48 UTC 2009

I'm making a single call to ctest_submit() which sends a Configure.xml
and a Build.xml.  On the dashboard, the two files are showing up as
having two different BuildIds, and so they appear on separate lines.

I'm not sure where to look for the source of this problem.  Any

My ctest driver script looks like this:

foreach(subproject ${all_subprojects})
  set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY SubProject "${subproject}")
  set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY Label "${subproject}")
  set(CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND     "${MAKE} ${subproject}-install")
  set(CTEST_CONFIGURE_COMMAND "${MAKE} ${subproject}-configure")
  ctest_configure(RETURN_VALUE configError)
  if(NOT configError)
    message( "BUILD ${subproject}")
    ctest_build(RETURN_VALUE buildError)

It produces the following dashboard output when I build one subproject

{buildname} | {configure} | {build} | {time}                  | {labels} 
testing     | 0 1 0       | 0 2 0   | 2009-10-01T11:51:34 EDT | (2 labels)

Drilling down a level, I get this:

{buildname} | {configure} | {build} | {time}                  | {labels} 
testing     | 0 1 0       | 0 0 0   | 2009-10-01T11:51:34 EDT | libpcap-1.0
testing     | 0 0 0       | 0 2 0   | 2009-10-01T11:51:37 EDT | libpcap-1.0

The two entries have different buildIds, and one has the configure data
and the other the build data.

Shouldn't these appear as a single line with a single buildId?

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