[Cdash] Apache configuration for test result submission

Johannes Stallkamp johannes.stallkamp at rub.de
Wed Nov 4 13:40:50 UTC 2009


I tried to setup CDash today for the first time but I do have problems
with CTest submitting its results.

The symptom is actually the same than here:

The CTest files are not submitted because the server returns "405 Method
 Not Allowed". In the other thread problem was tracked to some proxy and
HTTP version issue. I am, however, running this on localhost for testing .
As far as I understand, I need to configure my Apache to accept PUT
requests. I am not sure how to achieve this. From the web, I found
"Script PUT <scriptfile_to_handle_request>" but I am not sure, what
<scriptfile_to_handle_request> needs to be.

Any hints what I need to do?

Thanks in advance

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