[Cdash] How to use 'add_last_sql_error()' calls to find what's wrong

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Tue May 5 18:18:05 UTC 2009

Hi Fabrice,

The 'add_last_sql_error' function only prints out in the log if the SQL 
query returns an error. Could you check if the updatefile table as an 
author for the given buildid?

You can use add_log('text','function') to write directly into the logs.


Fabrice wrote:
> Hello all,
> My CDash version is 1.4.1.
> I'm trying to find why i don't receive any emails when my checkins are 
> breaking the dashboard.
> I have added some log statements in the source code and i think i've 
> targeted the problem in 'function lookup_emails_to_send()' :
>     $authors = pdo_query("SELECT author FROM updatefile WHERE
>     buildid=".qnum($buildid));
>     add_last_sql_error("sendmail");
> The result of the query is empty in my case.
> I can't help to notice the add_last_sql_error("sendmail") call just 
> after the query. I don't know what it's for as nothing appear in the 
> cdash.log file.
> Is there some other log file containing all the mysql queries that have 
> failed?
> Thanks for your help
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