[Cdash] not using cmake/ctest hoe to add build error?

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Mon Jan 12 16:36:46 UTC 2009

Jochen Thäder wrote:
> Hi,
> Felix and Julien : Thanks for your hints, I got it working now and I 
> will let you know of I find
> other issues ;-)
> Bill : Thanks for your suggestion. Just for my understanding, ctest is 
> only for "tests" not for actual building the code? Can you give me a 
> pointer where to find some examples how to use ctest without cmake? Cauz 
> then I would infact use it for our unit/large-scale tests.
> One thing still reminds: It is not possible to attach the log of a 
> build, so that I can see it in CDASH?

Here is a link:

It is a little out of date:

CTestTestfile.cmake should now be used instead of DartTestfile.txt.

Basically, you create the files that CMake would have created for you. 
They are in the CMake language, but are very simple.


Here is a sample of a script that changes the build and configure commands:


Basically, you can use ctest to drive any build system.

You do that with these variables in the script:

SET(CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND     "mybuildcommand")

Then the build logs and test logs should all go to CDash with no 
problem.  I can help you get your stuff working, if you promise to 
create a wiki page on how to do it... :)


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