[Cdash] How to handle huge test output

Martin Apel martin.apel at simpack.de
Thu Dec 10 10:07:26 UTC 2009

Hi all,

we currently run lots of tests using CTest/CDash every night (about
4000), which produce a huge amount of output. For reasons difficult to
explain here, we'd like to keep the output, even if the tests succeeded.
For this reason our database has grown a lot recently, so I am looking
for ways how to handle this. I thought about two ways:
1. Is it possible to embed links into the test output, so we could store
the test output in separate files, and simply link to these files in
CDash? We have tried outputting links in the tests,
    but ctest seems to replace any special characters such as ampersand,
so we did not succeed until now.
2. Is it possible to store the test output inside the database in a
compressed way? As it is ASCII output, it would probably save a lot of
disk space.

Any comments are welcome.

Best Regards,


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