[Cdash] Newbie questions: Dart1 import and project deletion

Martin Apel martin.apel at simpack.de
Tue Apr 28 13:16:23 UTC 2009

Julien Jomier wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Welcome to CDash!
>> 1. I'd like to import the Dart1 files into CDash, but there isn't a
>> "Sites" directory in my Dart1 installation. The documentation says, I
>> should give this directory
>>     to the import process. Is the documentation wrong or is my Dart
>> installation too old?
> The XML files send by clients to Dart1 should be in the "Sites"
> directory, however they might be somewhere else, or not saved at all (in
> that case CDash won't be able to import them). Could you check if you
> have any files named "*Build.xml", "Update.xml" in your Dart1 directory?
Thanks for your quick reply. I scanned the directory for xml-files, but
there are non matching the
above naming scheme. There are a few like Project.xml, Server.xml, but
probably this means, that
the submissions have not been saved. It's not really important, but it
would have been nice, if I could have
imported the old data.
>> 2. Accidentally I created two projects with slightly different names in
>> CDash. I'd like to get rid of one of these, but haven't found a way, how
>> to delete a project.
> If you login as administrator of your project, then under the "Actions"
> column for the project you want to delete, click on "Edit project" then
> click on the last tab "Miscellaneous" and you should see the delete button.
I found the button in the meantime. I had searched for it at the top
level of administration commands.

Thanks a lot

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