[Cdash] CDash 1.4 Release

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Apr 27 14:52:18 UTC 2009

On behalf of myself, Bill, Zack, Ken, Dave and the rest of the
CDash team, we are pleased to announce that CDash 1.4.1 is available for
download at: http://www.cdash.org

Documentation on how to upgrade from previous CDash installations is
available at: http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Upgrade.
Note that we have improved the indexing of the database and the upgrade 
might take some time to re-index the database (about 1 hour for 50GB).

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at

A list of changes for the 1.4 release is included below and at


Happy CDashing,

Changes and bug fixes in CDash 1.4

New features

* New XML parsing using SAX parsing instead of DOM (memory efficient)
* Introduction of models (MVC framework)
* Nightly testing of CDash itself
    o http://www.cdash.org/CDash/index.php?project=CDash
* Support for subprojects (CMake/CTest CVS is required)
    o http://trilinos-dev.sandia.gov/cdash/index.php?project=Trilinos
* Support for filters
    o allows showing just error builds, or builds from multiple days,
    o create hyperlink to filter results and bookmark it
* Support for labels on builds, tests, coverage files
* Improved navigation
* Improved database indexing
* Improved email reporting
* Added email for coverage
* Improved column sorting

Bug Fixes

* 0008670 Failed tests shown in orange instead of red
* 0008643 New Email summary lines
* 0008117 disallow public registration
* 0008663 Sorting 'Dynamic Analysis' field 'Labels'
* 0008708 Add config.local.php
* 0008662 'Coverage' fields 'passed', 'failed', and 'Labels' are not 
  * 0008638 'Dynamic Analsysis' columns can not be sorted
* 0006631 Logos that are too big (tall)
* 0007736 Root directory in websvn URL must have trailing slash for 
websvn paths to be generated correctly
* 0007771 Nightly changes should store previous revision
* 0008103 Timing test did not fail
* 0008127 Prevent spamming
* 0007920 ViewChanges crashes ViewCVS on newly created files
* 0007570 Test submission silently fails when test output is quite large.
* 0008616 Sending subproject email address regression lists in XML and 
updating CDash email lists
* 0008615 Sorting the 'Min' columns is not a numeric sort.
* 0008191 pdo_query() does not work if it is not MySQL
* 0008469 Coverage broken in SVN
* 0008462 Only 412 test results shown
* 0008740 NotRun/Fail/Pass tests reports don't report what they should 
* 0007713 Upgrading Database should now use previous version
* 0007884 Ask CDash not to fill IP addresses
* 0008679 XML Parsing problem should send email
* 0008783 Email Preference not greyed out on subscription page when 
""Email Broken Submission"" is unchecked
* 0007724 Configure warnings and errors should trigger email
* 0008810 When Editing a project, createProject.php get an error calling 
* 0008119 use admin email address as sender address in password emails
* 0008610 content of coverage differs to Coverage.xml
* 0007855 CDash sends duplicate emails for the same build
* 0008760 build failures not being sent out for all dashboard reported 
build errors
* 0008730 Not sending out email notifications for failed configure?
* 0008592 Main project/subproject page should be able to filter only 
Nightly tests
* 0008645 Coverage testing link times out
* 0008318 viewUpdate.php with PosgreSQL fails
* 0008368 XAMPP flaws
* 0007908 Make possible to sort Code Coverage rows by submission time
* 0008468 Help not closable on small screen
* 0008484 Configure log field is too small
* 0006468 go to a bug reference from a commit log
* 0007778 User can register with the same email address
* 0008460 Upgrade to jquery 1.3
* 0007861 Upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.2.1 breaks Groups
* 0007907 Time units missing in detailed test report
* 0008125 multiple users can share the same email address
* 0008451 Coverage should be sorted by status by default
* 0008448 cannot set CVS/SVN ViewerURL - CDash SVN trunk
* 0008287 Project name should be trimmed
* 0008254 User subscription public project
* 0008160 Performance issue when submiting test
* 0007916 Check that backup and rss directories are writable
* 0008202 Project logo not displayed with PostgreSQL
* 0008118 password recovery email seems to be bad html
* 0008113 Wrong SQL query leads to not storing results
* 0008084 Database name cannot contain minus (-)
* 0007848 CDash admin privileges lacking some key actions
* 0007847 Admin/users account can become permanently inaccessible
* 0007853 Builds sent from differnt sites can clobber each other
* 0007582 Charset encoding issues
* 0007806 MySQL error creating build groups
* 0007871 Installation check for php5-gd
* 0007805 The same image can't have multiple roles for a given test

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