[Cdash] Cannot select appropriate Cannot select appropriate "CVS/SVN Viewer Type"

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Sep 29 14:40:24 UTC 2008


It seems that using ViewCVS as the viewer did the trick. I have fixed 
your project. If you find any issues let us know.


Eric Noulard wrote:
> I have added a public CDash
> http://www.cdash.org/CDashPublic/index.php?project=CERTI
> for the CERTI project
> https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/certi
> however I cannot select an appropriate
> "CVS/SVN Viewer Type".
> Savannah seems to be using ViewVC 1.0.5
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/certi/CTestConfig.cmake?revision=1.1&root=certi&view=markup
> but CDash generate a wrong URL:
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/?root=certi/?action=browse&path=/CTestConfig.cmake&revision=1.1&view=markup
> I get the same URL if I select "ViewVC" or "ViewVC1.1" ?
> Is there something particular to the Savannah ViewVC install or is it
> a CDash trouble?

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