[Cdash] Feature Request: Enhanced e-mail notification

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Sun Sep 7 14:20:46 UTC 2008

Bill Hoffman wrote:
> Bill Lorensen wrote:
>> I have e-mail notification enabled for two projects. I would like to
>> selectively turn on/off notification on a group basis. For example, I
>> don't want notification for the Experimental group.
>> If others have similar requests, I'll file a feature request in the 
>> bug tracker.
> I think that was already in the bug tracker, and is implemented.  We are 
> testing it right now on some dashboards internal to Kitware.  We will be 
> rolling it out to cdash.org very soon.   Also, CDash will only be 
> sending one email when there is an "issue" with a nightly has an error. 
>  Continuous will still send emails for each build that has a problem.

I meant to say: "when there is an "issue" with a nightly" (leave of has 
an error).  The idea is to reduce the number of emails sent.  If there 
is an error/warning/failed test in the nightly section, then CDash 
should send one email reminding the developer to check the nightly 
results.  That way if there is an error that breaks 50 builds, you do 
not get 50 emails.  People tend to ignore the emails when they are too 
frequent.   However, with continuous builds, if there is anything wrong, 
email should be sent out right away.  Also, CDash will only be sending 
emails when the errors/warnings/ test failures increase, and not just 
when they exist. Finally, you will be able to pick the groups that send 
email for a project.


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