[Cdash] CDash 1.2 Release

David Blado dblado at decarta.com
Tue Oct 28 17:07:07 UTC 2008

Hi Julien,

On the CDash web site, the list of new features is different:

Specifically, I am looking for evidence of this feature: The
configuration column now displays CMake configuration warnings, errors
and time

I am not seeing the CMake output in the Configure column.  Does this
require a patch to CMake??


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On behalf of myself, Bill, Zack, Ken, Dave, Markus and the rest of the 
CDash team, we are pleased to announce that CDash 1.2.1 is available for
download at: http://www.cdash.org

Documentation on how to upgrade from previous CDash installations is 
available at: http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Upgrade

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at

A list of changes for the 1.2 release is included below and at


Happy CDashing,

Changes and bug fixes in CDash 1.2

New features

     * 0006801 Test Failure History Graph
     * 0007556 ViewSite page should list the users who claimed a site
     * 0007499 Summarize busytime by site
     * 0007204 Error summary page
     * 0007537 Feature request: loggerhead support
     * 0007116 Add functionality to send email to all site claimers
     * 0007124 Add warning and minutes column to the cfg-column
     * 0006943 Feature Request: Use Time, Pass/Fail graphs for
     * 0007209 add a user or group of users without a file upload
     * 0007266 seeking ViewVC support in CDash
     * 0007420 Support for WebSVN
     * 0006606 Support for other databases
     * 0007068 Support for multiple repositories update
     * 0007212 Password recovery
     * 0007063 Support <Measurement> tags containing HTML
     * 0006646 Compressing notes
     * 0007019 Email notification of nigthly builds
     * 0006466 Email when an expected nightly does not show up.
     * 0007636 +- reporting on the coverage

Bugs fixed

     * 0007573 Only builds from default groups show when All is selected
     * 0007535 Tests are not sorted by build time
     * 0007497 email sent when an expected nightly does not show up
     * 0007532 Claim sites list is slow to generate and unsorted
     * 0007504 <DartMeasurement> output is not SQL-escaped
     * 0006492 There are no options to define "broken"
     * 0007458 add_coverage produce SQL error
     * 0007019 email notification of nigthly builds
     * 0006842 make browser back buttons smarter
     * 0007210 time error hides number summary of test time
     * 0007368 Detail in build warning/error emails
     * 0007246 test summary page shows previous days builds
     * 0007422 Configuration option to request full email
     * 0007051 Timing tests have too many false positives
     * 0006996 Cannot view graphs
     * 0007252 OS Name and Version not displayed in viewSite
     * 0007405 Number of files covered unsatisfactorily is wrong
     * 0007293 CDash doesn't show all modified and conflicted files
     * 0006841 show number of new errors
     * 0007299 cdash install issues
     * 0007262 Email always sent for experimental builds
     * 0007247 URL encoding in CTestConfig
     * 0007188 buildSummary.php reports update time when no update
     * 0007211 Better visualization of the code coverage
     * 0007135 Timing test statistics should not sample timing value
     * 0007112 Login information not saved
     * 0007113 Cannot directly link to pages in protected projects
     * 0007064 CDash: CDash content of coverage differs to Coverage.xml
     * 0007066 Documentation link
     * 0007053 CDash loses my identity
     * 0007052 Redirect user to login page for private project
     * 0007017 Help screen cannot be dismissed if browser window is
     * 0007021 Parse cvs/svn/git commit comments and make URL
     * 0007018 Output from test is truncated
     * 0007654 Coverage file are truncated
     * 0006492 There are no options to define "broken"
     * 0007535 Tests are not sorted by build time
     * 0007667 Submitting using a custom name fails when contains a dash
     * 0007668 Broken image link on database upgrade
     * 0007648 Commit ordering issue in Nightly Changes page of VTK
     * 0007639 Build group description required by MySQL
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