[Cdash] CDash submission problem

Emmanuel Christophe emmanuel.christophe at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 00:53:46 UTC 2008


Took me a while to rerun the test after pushing the limit to 200M but
this didn't change anything. I had already increased the limit to 128M
few days ago.

I'm not convince that the problem is coming from here: when the limit
was 16M originally the following error message appeared in the apache

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to
allocate 64 bytes) in /var/www/Dashboard/common.php on line 235

Which is pretty explicit. With the limit set up to 128M or 200M, there
is no more such message.

What is also significant is that after I raised the limit to 128M, the
*-Test.xml file did appear in the backup directory. Given the
instructions on the submit.php file:

// Parse the XML
$xml_array = parse_XML($contents);
// Backup the XML file

the xml parsing seems to be OK and reach the backup_xml_file stage at least.

Files submitted for the VTK project are slightly over my files (around
6-7 MB) so it should be working.

Could the problem be coming from the insertion in the mysql database?
Where could I look for more information?

Thanks in advance,

2008/10/7 Julien Jomier <julien.jomier at kitware.com>:
> Matthias,
> We have seen this behavior for very large submission and since tests are not
> split by CTest the submission can be very big.
> I think we can improve this by customizing the XML parser in PHP and instead
> of storing in an array, do the processing at parsing time (as you are
> suggesting).
> If you have any experience with this, feel free to share :)
> I'll look at this when I get a chance. Thanks for the input,
> Julien
> Matthias Brantner wrote:
>> Julien,
>> unfortunately, I also encountered this problem for our project.
>> We have several nightly submissions each having approx. 15000 tests.
>> I already changed the PHP variables to
>> max_execution_time = 1500;
>> max_input_time = 1500;
>> memory_limit = 1000M;
>> With these settings the submission is sometimes parsed successfully.
>> However,
>> it does not always work.
>> I looked at the code and I've seen that the full submission is stored in
>> an array
>> which is afterwards written into the database. Would it be an option to
>> use a SAX parser and
>> immediately write each submission into the database, i.e. without creating
>> the big array but do
>> it in a streaming fashion? I think this could dramatically reduce the
>> submission time and the
>> main memory usage.
>> Maybe our test submissions are a to big for the scenarios CDash was
>> designed for.
>> What do you think?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Matthias
>> On 07.10.2008, at 13:46, Julien Jomier wrote:
>>> Emmanuel,
>>> You should increase the memory requirement for PHP otherwise it runs out
>>> of memory when trying to parse large submission:
>>> Try changing these variables in your php.ini file (and restart the web
>>> server)
>>> max_execution_time = 30;
>>> max_input_time = 60;
>>> memory_limit = 200M;
>>> http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:FAQ#PHP_cannot_parse_my_submission
>>> Let us know if that was the problem,
>>> Julien
>>> Emmanuel Christophe wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm trying to set up a cdash dashboard. It seems to be working pretty
>>>> well for small submissions (*-Experimental_Test.xml about 1.5 Mo of
>>>> size) as I can see
>>>> http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Dashboard/index.php?project=OTB&date=20081006
>>>> for the test done at 14:12:57 CEST. This test is done without the
>>>> DATA_ROOT set for the test data, resulting in many fails but shorter
>>>> xml file.
>>>> However, when I set properly the DATA_ROOT, the xml file is about 6 Mo
>>>> and something is wrong during the submission: as you can see on the
>>>> 14:33:20 CEST test, no test result appear.
>>>> I add a similar problem at the beginning, with some error in apache
>>>> log showing a lack of memory for php to parse the xml file and the
>>>> *-Experimental_Test.xml not appearing in the backup directory. After
>>>> increasing the memory allowed to php, the *-Experimental_Test.xml file
>>>> now does appear in the backup directory, there is no more error in the
>>>> apache log, but the test result do not display (even after rerunning
>>>> the tests).
>>>> My CTestConfig.cmake is :
>>>>  SET(CTEST_DROP_SITE "www.orfeo-toolbox.org")
>>>>  SET(CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/Dashboard/submit.php?project=OTB")
>>>> I'm using CDash-1.0.2.zip, php5, apache2.
>>>> Any suggestions? Where should I look to find out the source of the
>>>> problem?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Emmanuel
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