[Cdash] Dart2 to CDash migration

THE HIGHHAT thehighhat at gmail.com
Wed May 7 19:51:52 UTC 2008

> > Would like to switch from Dash2 to CDash.  [snip]
>  Currently there are no tools to migrate from Dart2 to CDash.  Dart1 was
> easy because the xml files are all sitting around on the disk.

Hmmm....  is it possible to migrate Dart2 to Dart1 then to CDash?

Or, where can I download Dart1 so I can read the spec?  I can only
find Dart2 when searching.

New issue...

I have been using Dart2 client/server jar files.  But Dart2 client job
submission with xml does not work with CDash.  I am trying to now
submit jobs to CDash without using CMake/CTest.  I read CDash
submit.php, but it is still unclear what method (GET,POST,PUT, etc.)
to send XML test results to CDash directly.

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