[Cdash] External Authentication

Martin Scholl ms at globalinfinity.de
Thu May 8 11:19:06 UTC 2008

Hello everybody,

as this is my first posting I want to use this chance to say "hello" and
to say "thank you!" to everybody hacking cdash. We were using dart2
before migrating to cdash and yet we really enjoy having cdash for its
higher speed and for being less resource hungry.

Attached you can find a small patch to add http-based /
webserver-implemented user-authentication to cdash.
The patch is against login.php of cdash version 1.0.

Assumed an account with the same login name exists already at cdash you
only have to authenticate once via http protocol. CDash will try re-use
the authenticated user's login and adds a proper authentication session
For this to control a new configuration variable named
'CDASH_EXTERNAL_AUTH' is introduced. This variable controls must
evaluated true to active external authentication via http protocol.

We use this in production since cdash 0.8 to authenticate our users
against kerberos via apache2. It also seems to work with version 1.0 of

Hope it helps,

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