[Cdash] New Wiki page for email notification

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Sun Mar 30 13:03:16 UTC 2008


> Looking at sendemail.php, it looks like there is no support for
> continuous build email there!
> There is only one processing loop on a SELECT "user2project.emailtype>1"
> which processes the Nightly/Any errors, but no code to cope with
> "emailtype==1" (continuous).
> This explains why it isn't working ;-)

I don't think this is the issue. This line refers when a user wants to 
receive all the emails, i.e. "Email me when checkins are breaking 
nightly" and "Email me when any builds are breaking the dashboard".

Did you specify a CVS/SVN login when you registered for a project? I 
think the problem is matching the author of a commit with the registered 
author (in that case you).

Let me know,

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