[Cdash] test summary page shows previous days builds

Felix Klock pfdartdash at pnkfx.org
Thu Jun 26 14:42:27 UTC 2008

On Jun 26, 2008, at 10:30 AM, Julien Jomier wrote:

> Felix,
> Thanks for the report. Yes you do need a login on Mantis to report  
> an issue (so developers can contact you if necessary).
> This looks like a bug to me, I'm going to look at it as soon as I can.
> I have logged a bug in Mantis.

FYI, I would not be surprised if this behavior is subtly connected to  
the particular times that the tests are started and submitted. . . I  
spent some time exploring the other dashboards hosted on cdash.org,  
and I found that the BatchMake project seems to have similar problems,  
but the CMake project does not appear to.

Right now the web browser provides a single date and the  
testSummary.php invokes get_dates to infer what range of time for  
which it should gather the tests.  It might be better if the browser  
could supply both a beginning and end date (and time?), to allow the  
client to indicate what range it really wants, rather than relying on  
whatever heuristic testSummary.php is using to derive the range of time.


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