[Cdash] test summary page shows previous days builds

Felix Klock pfdartdash at pnkfx.org
Wed Jun 25 22:27:15 UTC 2008

I briefly tried reporting this via your Mantis page, but I am not  
experienced in Mantis and did not see an obvious way to create a new  
Ticket/Issue.  (Do I need to make a Mantis account to do so?)

So I am reporting the bug to the mailing list instead.

I cannot tell whether this is supposed to be a feature, but when  
looking at a test summary page, it lists the tests from the previous  
day in the query.

As an example, consider the page at the following URL:


The text says: "Testing summary for jobremotetest performed on  
20080625", yet the builds are clearly from 20080624, as you can see  
from the build stamps (and further verify by following the links on  
their rows).

As I said in my first sentence, perhaps this is intentional behavior  
for the test summary page.  But if that is the case, then something  
deeper is wrong.  Consider the following use case:

1. Start here: http://www.cdash.org/CDash/index.php?project=kdelibs

2. Then follow the link in the first row in the Test Fail column, to  
see what tests failed.

3. Click the link of the name for the first test that failed (that is,  
the jobremotetest link)

Now we're staring at a test summary page for a set of builds unrelated  
to the one that we clicked the link for; not a good user experience.

-Felix, who hacked in a "fix" for this into his private Dash  
installation by adding 24*3600 to $currentstarttime in testSummary.php  
alone, but suspects that the CDash developers will come up with a more  
appropriate change.

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