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Welcome to Open-ReGate!

The Open Resources for GATE Monte Carlo simulations!

This project started in July 2013, please have a look at About.

More information about the meetings is available in Current events.

The Tools

Information on managing DICOM : DicomTools

Information on how submitting Gate simulations on a cluster or multi-thread machine : ClusterTools

Information on MOCCAMED Tools : MOCCAMEDTools

Information on Beam Modeling Tools : PencilBeamTools

Application and medical physics use cases in light ion beam therapy

I commissioned my beam delivery system and I have a beam model in my TPS, how can I model my beam line in GATE? BeamLineModeling

I commissioned my CT scanner and I inserted my CT calibration curves in my TPS, how can I model my CT calibration curves in GATE? CTModeling

I commissioned my TPS and I created a clinical pencil beam scanning treatment plan, how can I recalculate my plan with GATE? TreatmentPlanSimulationWorkflow


You are welcome to share any tool for Gate Monte Carlo simulation with us!