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This page was based on Sebastien Barre's VTK Links: Examples page.


(J. Kraak, Univ. of Groningen) "Visualization examples for the The VISUALIZATION TOOLKIT (VTK), used in a VTK workshop given at the University of Groningen (RuG)." REALLY worth a look, lot's of examples.

CS563 : Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics Home Page

(M. Ward, Worcester Polytechnic Institute) VTK Presentation -with lots of code (R. Resnick), Animating Water -no code but ask ? (Richard Resnick), Finite Element Method Application in VTK -some code (Y. Sun)

Advanced Computer Graphics and Data Visualization - Term Projects

(T. D. Citriniti, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY) " This is a collection of Term Project completed by the students in "Advanced Computer Graphics and Data Visualization" 35-6961 for the Fall 1995 semester." And these of Spring 97. Very interesting projects, but NO code (should ask for it ?).

Jumping Jack Icon/Glyph - Scientific Visualization Project

(M. Srdanovic) "The project is to combine 6 MRI images using some form of glyph. I decided to use a glyph that resembles a person doing "jumping jacks". Each limb of the icon will be oriented based on the intensity of pixels from each of the 6 images.". Part of the Scientific Visualization (91.541) course (Dr. G.G. Grinstein) at UMass Lowell Computer Science Department.

CS 5630 - Scientific Visualization

(C. Johnson , University of Utah) formerly known as CS 523 : various solutions (+ code) : Class assignments - see 1 to 4 (T. Robbins), and also Y.-K. Yang assignments.

Introduction to Visualization with VTK

(T. L. Disz, Univ. of Chicago) "Lecture 7, CS 341, Univ. of Chicago, Fall Quarter 1998." Powerpoint presentation, no code, nice illustrations.

Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality

(J. Kaandorp, R. Belleman & Z. Zhao, Univ. of Amsterdam) Note : "If you plan to use any of the material provided by our invited speakers for your own course, please contact me so that I can check for an OK with the authors.".

Visualizing with VTK : A Tutorial

(PDF), IEEE Computer Graphics And Applications (sep/oct 2000) (W. Schroeder, L. Avila, W. Hoffman)