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This section is put together to share code / examples for cutting edge ideas / work related to VTK.



Topic Collaborators Code Location Description
Collision detection Compute the intersection of two vtkPolyData http://www.bioengineering-research.com/vtk/vtkCollisionDetectionFilter.htm
Bezier surfaces Prashanth Udupa http://sourceforge.net/projects/vtkdesigner/ Fit Bezier surfaces to a point set
Point set processing David Doria, Arnaud Gelas http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/708 Normal estimation, normal orientation, "Curvature" estimation, Outlier removal

Work In Progress

Topic Collaborators Code Location Description
EM Clustering David Doria [git@github.com:daviddoria/ExpectationMaximization.git]


Topic Collaborators Code Location Description
Approximate nearest neighbors algorithm
Mean shift clustering David Doria [git@github.com:daviddoria/vtkMeanShiftClustering.git]