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BS ChE, ASU, 1976 PhD ChE, UH 1980 Prof. of ChE ASU 1981-1997 Prof. of ChE RPI 1998-2007 CTO Ambature LLC, 2009-2011 Principal, Process Evolution, 1997-2012

More than 300 publications, mostly in the area of semiconductor materials processing.

My engineering and scientific efforts have focused on using well-designed experiments and physics-based modeling to improve our understanding of processes and materials. My research started in heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering, graduate school and through about the first decade of my academic career. I then moved to semiconductor materials processing. I ran a semiconductor-focused research Center at ASU and one at RPI.

After 26 years as a Prof., I decided to focus on software development as consulting as Process Evolution, a company I founded. I took the opportunity to be CTO of a start-up company with the focus on developing improved superconducting materials.

After that opportunity "faded", I once again am focusing on software development.

Three-dimensional visualization is important to my work, which focuses on the evolution of 3D structures, and their interactions; e.g., during film deposition processes and grain structure evolution as films age.

I recently decided to use Paraview as a replacement for DX/OpenDx, which I have used for visualization for more than 10 yrs. There are several attractive features of Paraview, and I hope to get through/past the less attractive aspects.