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Tubetk has adopted MIDAS to store testing and algorithm validation dataset.

For this purpose, we have created a dedicated tubetk MIDAS community

In the tubetk community, we have two main types of folders

  1. Input data folder: Where all input data for testing will be stored
  2. Baseline dataset folder: These are individual folders that will be used to store the baseline images for tests in each "module"/CLI application in slicer.

How to add a new tubetk test

  1. If the input data is not already in Midas,
    1. Upload the data to the "Data" folder

2) Modify cmake list files in the Testing directory to "add" unit tests to use the data from MIDAS. ( The MIDAS tests will run in parallel with the current unit tests for about a week or so. ) 3) After a week, if everything looks solid ( MIDAS server doesn't crash nor we don't run into a lot of authentication issues, we can then remove all the testing data from tubetk code base and continue using the MIDAS tests.

Any thoughts on this? we can chat about it during our 2pm stand-up meeting as well.

MIDAS macro

The following are the key MIDAS cmake macro that will be used