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This page contains online help documentation suggestions.

  • The Views page needs to be updated.
    • XY Plots needs it's own paragraph.
      • Explain how to edit the axis labels.
      • Explain how to get time annotation into the chart title.
      • Explain how to change which variables are plotted.
      • Explain how to make scatter plots.
      • Explain how to write this data out to a file.

Suggested verbiage:

The XY Plot view can display a 2D plot of one or more scalar variables, using a plot over line filter, or across timesteps of a dataset containing time information. Plot axis information can be changed by right clicking on the plot, and selecting Properties. The time of each plot frame can be displayed in the title by including the word ${TIME} in the title. Variables that are to be plotted can be turned on or off in the display tab. You can create scatter plots by going to the display tab, selecting a variable, and then changing Line Style to "None" and Marker Style to "Circle". Plot data is written out to a file using file/ save data, and then choosing file type csv.

    • Spreadsheet changes.
      • Explain how to write cell data to a spread sheet sorted by time.

Suggested verbiage, as a second paragraph to Spreadsheet Views:

It is also possible to hold cell or point data in the spreadsheet sorted by time, using the following trick. Select your point or cell, then run a Plot Selection Over Time filter on it. Last, split the window, and select Spreadsheet View.