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Tcon Information

Phone Line:

  Please join the following teleconference line:
      Toll-Free #:      1-800-704-9804 
      International #:  1-404-920-6604
      Participant Code: 61466276
  Wednesday, April 13th, 9:30am Eastern Time

This link changes every week:


  • Dan Blezek
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Gabe Hart
  • Luis Ibanez


Daily Details

Currently Open Topics In next

  • 30-SeriesReadWrite
    • Failing Test
    • Writer for another topic
    • Needs ImageSeriesReader to work with VectorImages ( merged into ITK )
  • 53-SetStatistics
  • SIMPLEITK-54_report_images_to_CDash
  • SIMPLEITK-1_registration

Other Open Topics

  • Several issues related to integer types C99 vs int?
    • Need to adopt a convention and be consistent across systems and languages.
    • Needed for GetPixel and GetBuffer methods.
    • 37-stdintForSWIG
  • 40-ConnectingSimpleITKImageTOJava
  • 11-AddingFFTs
    • Should Geatan's IJ paper be move into ITK?
  • 49-GeometryTransforms
    • How do we specify Regions?
  • AddingOperators
    • Adding operators to c++ complete
    • started work on adding to python

  • Test drivers need work
    • Can we reuse ITK's?
    • They currently don't work with Valgrind due to subprocesses

Review JIRA Issues

What needs to be addressed soon?


Discuss long term goals and milestones.

  • Documentations
    • How to populate Doxygen
    • Getting started guide
    • Users manual


  • ImageJDev/FIJI hackathon: Jan 29th - Feb 11th
    • Integrate ITK with ImageJ
    • Integrate ITK with CellProfiler
  • ImageJDev image is 5D (x,y,z,t,channel)
    • Internal class ImagePlus use Java arrays

Action Items