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ParaView User's Guide (v3.10)

How to unleash the beast!

Introduction (Dave D.)
Basic introduction to main window and inspector
Overview of pipeline concept
save state/trace
ClientServer computing/large data vis/parallel
Loading Data (Dave P.)
Open file
file browser, file series and patterns, grouping in file browser, opening a single time step or a collection of timesteps
file formats
Understanding Data (Berk)
Different data types such as unstructured/amr.
information tab
statistics panel
Displaying Data (Utkarsh)
View Types/Representation: Talk of all the views
lookup tables/scalar ranges
Filtering Data (Dave D)
Overview of how to apply filters
  • multiple input/output
  • change input
  • why are filters disabled
List of filters in categories: a higher level classification of filters based on their functionality and then refer them to the details given later.
filters changing data types
3D widgets -- how they affect parameters and active view etc.
custom filters
Quantative Analysis (Berk + Utkarsh)
python programmable filter
calculator (python also)
spreadsheet view in details (just introduce it in the views section)
Saving Data (Rob M)
Save raw data
Save screenshots
Save movies
Save geometries
Export VRML/X3D
3D Widgets (Dave D)
Different widgets and shortcuts etc.
Annotation (Dave D)
time annotation
scalar bar
text annotation
cube axes
Animation (Utkarsh)
key frame
play modes
Animating legacy VTK file series
Unattended saving of animation
Animation View
Animating the Camera
Comparative Vis (Berk)
Client-Server Visualization (Dave D)
server setup
configuration files
parallel rendering/processing
parallel settings
Large Displays (Utkarsh)
tile displays
Python (Rob M.)
Python Scripting
Tools for Python Scripting
In-Situ (Andy)
Loading Plugins (Rob M.)
loading plugins/plugin manager
Details about different default plugins and how to use them etc.
Client-server and plugins
building/compile/install (Dave P)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of readers (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of writers (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of filters (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/Command line arguments (Seb J.)
Getting Data into ParaView (maybe a separate book)
details about writing parallel vtk readers