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ParaView User's Guide (v3.10)

How to unleash the beast!

Introduction (Dave D.)
What is ParaView?
Getting your bearings in the UI
Basics of Visualization
Batch Processing
Client/Server Visualization
Loading Data (Rob)
Opening Data
File Formats
Understanding Data (Berk)
VTK Data Model
Information Panel
Statistics Inspector
Displaying Data (Utkarsh)
Introduction to Views
Multiple Views
View Types
lookup tables/scalar ranges
Modifying Data (Dave D.)
Data Manipulation
Filter Parameters
Pipeline Manipulation
Glossary of Filters
Filter Specifics
Macro Filters
Quantative Analysis (Berk + Utkarsh + Andy)
Python Programmable Filter
Python Calculator
Spreadsheet View
Querying for Data
histograms/probes (Andy)
Saving Data (Rob M)
Save Raw Data
Save Screenshots
Save Movies
Save Geometries
Export VRML/X3D
3D Widgets (Dave D)
Manipulating data in the 3D view
Annotation (Dave D)
Scalar Bar
Orientation Axes
Temporal Annotation
Animation (Utkarsh)
Animation View
Animating the Camera
Comparative Visualization (Berk)
Comparative Views
Client-Server Visualization (Dave D)
Parallel ParaView
Connecting to a Server
Client Server Mode
Render Server
Parallel Rendering
Offscreen Rendering
Tiled Display
Server Setup
Large Displays (Utkarsh)
tile displays
cave (Nikhil)
Python (Rob M.)
Python Scripting
Tools for Python Scripting
pvbatch/pvpython (Dave)
In-Situ/CoProcessing (Andy)
C++ CoProcessing example
Python CoProcessing Example
Loading Plugins (Rob M.)
What are Plugins?
Included Plugins
Loading Plugins
List of Readers
ParaView/Users Guide/List of writers
ParaView/Users Guide/List of filters
ParaView/Users Guide/Command line arguments
building/compile/install (Dave P)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of readers (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of writers (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/List of filters (Seb J.)
ParaViewUsersGuide/Command line arguments (Seb J.)
Application Settings (Dave D)
Getting Data into ParaView (maybe a separate book)
details about writing parallel vtk readers